We have a very DIY approach to work. As an artisan cake specialists, we are always seeking new challenges and innovative ways of making our products. All of our cakes are made with great care, all individually tailored for each order.

Edible Sculptures
Our sculpted cakes and toppers can take any form, shape and size. Emilia, who is our sculptor, will work with you to make sure that all details match your specification. From 3D cakes to figurines, you provide an idea or a starting point and we look after the rest.
Wedding Cakes
We don’t see you as a client but a collaborator and together we are going to create a great piece of artwork. We aim to work with you to make sure that every aspect of your cake is perfect, including design, sponge and filling!
Celebration Cakes
Birthdays, engagements, christenings, baby showers, graduations, passing your driving test, getting a dream job… There are million of reasons for celebration. No matter what occasion, we will do our best to add this extra spark.
Cupcakes & Biscuits
As an addition to cake making we also do hand-crafted cupcakes and biscuits. These are ideal as gifts or as an addition to your cake. We also offer a big range of cupcake cases as well as laser cut wrappers which add a great finishing touch.
Party Favors
If your are looking for party favors, why not consider something special and unique? We offer hand-made, customised cupcakes and biscuits for weddings, birthdays and baby shower parties. All individually wrapped or boxed!
Our Partners
Need a photographer or a florist? Not a problem, we collaborate with local firms, artists and freelancers to help you create the best memories of your celebrations. Want to work with us and share your creative practice? E-mail us for details.


Please always inform us about any allergies, intolerances or any special dietary requirements. 

Our products are tailored to individual needs.
To buy, please book in advance.