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Watch how I’ve made a watercolour effect cake with 24 carat edible gold!

This week, we have been totally amused by making this set of two watercolour effect cakes for twins joint birthday party.
The best thing about this cake was that my four years spent at an art school have finally paid off and I got to transfer my painting onto a cake!

You would think that in order to get the watercolor effect you’d need to approach the painting as you would with a water based paint – but you couldn’t be more mistaken! When it comes to cake painting and achieving this subtle tonality, you have to avoid water, (unless you’re mixing colors on a palette) use plenty dry brushes to fill the blank surface.

The coolest aspect of this cake is real edible gold! Yes, 24 carat gold! Very delicate and also very frustrating material that you need to be very careful when working with as it just flies away as it’s so light!

To see how I did this textured, abstract, watercolour cake – watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe! 🙂


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