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Top 6 things to consider when ordering your cake


The number of servings is one of the key aspects determining the size of your cake. By giving us an estimate number of portions you will give us a base to work with, this does not only include working out the quote but the decorations and the composition of the cake itself.

TIP: If you are preparing a major event where you expect a big number of guests, you may decide to order one standard sized centre piece cake and a large rectangular sheet cake.



The most popular types of cakes among our clients are vanilla sponge with buttercream and jam as well as chocolate cake. However, if you are not too fond of these then perhaps you would like to check what other sponges and fillings we have to offer? Please also remember, to inform us of any allergies or dietary requirements.



Now, this is the part when it can get a little tricky. There are so many beautiful cakes out there that you may not even know where to begin. What we suggest to our clients is to prepare a ‘mood board’ that would help us to understand a theme and the occasion for which the cake is needed.

Your ‘mood board’ could contain different colour schemes, information about your interests and hobbies, types of decoration and even pictures of the cakes you have previously stumbled upon. You should also consider whether you want all the decorations to be edible or not, for instance, we could make sugar flowers, but we could also provide silk flowers and the same could apply to figurines.

TIP: There are also many ways to approach a novelty cake or a character cake. If you are considering to order a cake based on a movie character, or an animal  you may wish to think of the following,  if you are planning a small party, you may not need a large 3D sculpted cake, therefore, you could consider a flat cake in a shape of your chosen character or even a round or square cake with the character’s face or a cake with a hand-made or plastic figurine.



Working on a detailed toppers and cakes is highly time consuming and we want to make sure that our products have the finest quality and an artistic value. If you are planning on ordering a customised sculpted cakes or a complex decoration then we would highly appreciate if you gave us a 4 to 6 weeks of notice  and a minimum of 6 months for wedding cakes.  



Party favours are my favourite! They are an easy way to add that personal touch to your party as well as to show your guest your appreciation. And of course, there is no cutting and serving! We offer bespoke, individually packaged cupcakes and shortbread biscuits.  A minimum order of cupcakes or biscuits is 12 or 6 when ordered with a cake. We make one flavour per dozen cupcakes, this includes sponge and cream.



Whether it is your life-style choice or an allergy, always make sure to inform us about any intolerance or special requirements. Please check out our vegan and free-from setion.

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