Required Notice

If you are planning on ordering a customised sculpted cakes or a complex decoration then we would highly appreciate if you gave us a a minimum 4-6 weeks of notice so we could spend a sufficient amount of time and be able to make it perfect! Working on a detailed toppers and cakes is highly time consuming and we want to make sure that our products have the finest quality and an artistic value.

A traditional cakes, ranging from fresh cream cakes to Victoria Sandwiches are equally as important to us. The good news is that they require less planning and preparation therefore, when ordering a simple birthday cake give us a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks of notice. We will need a minimum of 6 months of notice for wedding cakes.

Sufficient notice enables us to secure your order, gather all the specialist ingredients, equipment and tools if necessary.

Please note that enquiring about a quote does not automatically place an order.