Do you do novelty cakes and cupcakes?

Yes!!! Novelty customised or sculpted, however you call them, we do them all! Specialist cakes play a major role in the mission of our shop. We believe that there’s much more to a cake than a good sponge and icing. We pay a very close attention to the creative and artistic aspect of cake making. The novelty cakes bring us the greatest joy. Give us a reason to sculpt and we start jumping around from joy. We can sculpt cakes themselves, create figurines as well as cupcakes and cake toppers.


How much notice do you require?

If you are planning on ordering a customised sculpted cakes or a complex decoration then we would highly appreciate if you gave us a 4 to 6 weeks of notice so we could spend a sufficient amount of time and be able to make it perfect! Working on a detailed toppers and cakes is highly time consuming and we want to make sure that our products have the finest quality and an artistic value.

A traditional cakes, ranging from fresh cream cakes to Victoria Sandwiches are equally as important to us. The good news is that they require less planning and preparation therefore, when ordering a simple birthday cake give us 1 to 2 weeks of notice.

We are known to do ‘emergency cakes’ however, it is not guaranteed that we will be able to do it at all times. Giving us an efficient amount of notice enables us to secure your order, gather all the specialists’ ingredients, equipment and tools if necessary. But please call us, drop and e-mail or a Facebook message as we might have this one slot available!

We will need a minimum of 6 months of notice for wedding cakes.


Do you require a deposit and when do I need to pay it?

Yes, deposit ensures both us and the client that the order is placed and secured. Deposit has to be paid at least four working days prior to the collection date of a traditional, basic cakes and two weeks in regards to customised sculpted cakes and decorations. If you are ordering a wedding cake you would be required to pay a deposit minimum three months prior to the collection day. In all cases the deposit has to be 25% of the total price.

The remaining balance has to be paid on the collection date and two weeks before the collection date in terms of wedding cakes.
You may also wish to pay for your product in installments. Please ask us for further details in regards to your payment plan.


Do you hire out stands?

Yes, we have a wide range of stands, those include both wedding and birthday cake stands.
There is a small fee for hiring a stand and you would also be required to pay a deposit that is fully refundable once the stand is returned within five working days after the collection date.


Do you deliver?

We deliver and assemble wedding cakes only. 


Do your products contain nuts?

No, our products do not contain nuts unless specified and required by the client. However, please be aware that we store nuts at our premises. Please always inform us about any allergies.


Do you do eggless, vegan, dairy or gluten free cakes?

We do them all! We believe that everyone has a right to enjoy a good piece of cake therefore, we do everything to be able to accommodate our cakes to your requirements. Please always tell us about your requirements and allergies.


Do you cater for corporate events?

Yes, we do! We have done cakes for several firms for their anniversaries and parties. If you are looking for an extraordinary cake that would resemble all the values of your firm, whether it is an anniversary or a party please do not hesitate and contact us!