It all began with Emilia's mother (Agnes) and her passion for creation! She has been making cakes for the past twenty years, at first only as a hobby, something enjoyable to fill up her spare time. Then, as her passion in cake making grew over time, she was brave enough to take a huge step and start her own business. Thus, in 2007 Emilia’s Cakes was born. Facing new challenges and exploring is one of the ways how their techniques are being constantly updated.

Family is a big value for Agnes and her family, they say working as a team and keeping organised is the key. Whilst Emilia’s mother explored new trends, her step – father managed the shop and Emilia would do her best to help them both with her creative skills. A good work ethics keep the place running smoothly.

The cakes come from traditional recipes, and are made out of natural ingredients. It is not about choosing and easier way, skipping corners and buying ready to make products. Everything is made from a scratch. This includes sponges and decorations, each part is hand crafted and carefully perfected.

Emilia’s Cake’s take their pride in respecting their client’s needs by fulfi lling their wishes. Emilia believe that all people have equal rights and for this reason they can also make vegetarian, eggless, and gluten free cakes. In their offer you can also     find fresh cream cakes, which are great alternative for those who prefer softer, less sugary taste! Fresh cream cakes are made out of their own recipe which their are very proud of!

Emilia’s Cakes specialise in wedding and novelty cakes, and a variety of birthday, christening and engagement cakes. From traditional designs to the most funky and modern concepts, they can do it all - nothing is impossible for them! In order to make their cakes and decorations they carefully chose the materials and tools, and take their time in creating them. This guarantees the best quality for their clients. Emilia’s Cakes can also offer a substantial range of decorative products used in cake industry which can be purchased in the cake shop. Those include food colouring, flavours, cutters, candles, individualised cake toppers and many more.

From Baby Showers to Hen Night Parties, the team will help you to make those days special with their mission completed when they see their customers smile.